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About Our Bakery

Soumaya and Sons Bakery was established by Youssef and Lucie Ballan in 1979.  It all started as the newlywed couple had an idea for a business; they wanted to stick to their roots and start a Middle Eastern bakery. With the help of Youssef's mother Soumaya and his brothers, they decided to start in Allentown which was surrounded by people from the middle east. They began on 2nd street of Allentown with a bag of flour, oven and a dream.  They started baking and producing pita bread for the community.  As the demand grew they grew as a business; from one oven, to a divider, to an entire automated system today!  Over the years, they began to expand to a store front and a wholesale business which distributes to the entire northeast of Pennsylvania.  After many years on 2nd street of Allentown, Pennsylvania, they grew to a larger location in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Today we offer a more variety of food and grocery at our Whitehall location!

Our Products

We use only the finest and freshest ingredients to bake our fresh pita bread on premise daily. Wheat flour, water, yeast, and salt with no sugar and no chemical preservatives. Yes, that's all it takes to bake our freshly delicious pita that everyone enjoys! 

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